Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQs which might answer any queries you may have before needing to Contact us.

How do I order your awesome products??
Check through our cool site and find the products you like. You will be hard-pressed to select only a few! Add them to your Tackle Box, choose your preferred delivery method, and submit your order. Done!
What exactly happens after ordering?
We know you are very excited for your goods to arrive, but you need to pay first – sorry! Once you have placed your order you will receive a Tax Invoice confirming all the items we have in stock and including your delivery fee. Do the nasty and make your payment, send us the proof and Hey Presto! your order will be processed as soon as possible and then dispatched via your chosen delivery option to the address given in the checkout process. Under normal circumstances, the time it takes from when an order has been paid in full until it is dispatched for delivery is approximately 2 working days. So hang on, your cool new tackle will arrive very soon!
Which Payment Methods are accepted?
For now, we accept any EFT payments through your online banking service. We have credit card facilities at our warehouse and can also do manual transactions over the phone, if required.
What are the banking details for Outdoors 365 Equipment?
Acc No: 407 445 9465
Branch: 632005
What are the delivery charges?
As there are so many variants with regards to delivery charges, please contact us so we can find out where you are based, what you are looking to order and how quickly you want to receive it.
Where do you deliver to?
Anywhere! Let us know where you are based, what you would like to order, and how quickly you want it and we’ll get back to you with a quote.
Can I select someone to receive my order for me if I’m not available when the Courier delivers?
Yes you can, but please note that we will not accept responsibility for anyone who receives your order at your chosen address, who is not authorised to do so.
Is it possible to arrange a specific delivery time?
Unfortunately we are not able to confirm a specific delivery date or time as we make use of Third Party Courier or Postage companies.
What happens if there is nobody to receive my order when the Courier delivers to me?
The Courier will make an attempt to call you and arrange a second delivery. After a failed second delivery attempt the Courier will return your order to us, where you will be credited for your purchase minus the cost of delivery and the cost of returning the package to us. Delivery will be re-routed at your expense.
How can I return my order?
Nobody returns our products because they’re that good! But if you are one of the select few to change your mind about your order, or have an issue with an item, then please refer to our Returns & Refunds policy for further information.


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